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Numbers 5

She stands behind a locked corridor
Frightened, not sure what she’s waiting for
The accusations come from one who swore
He’d be her shelter, when he bought her from her father
She once was somebody, or at least somebody’s daughter
The priest mixes dust now, with the “bitter water”
This is the right of any man who is suspicious
These are the Män som hatar kvinnor, malicious
This is the wrath of the almighty and capricious
These are the stories we choose to gloss over
Forced miscarriage of a child that she longed to shoulder
Would she have walked the corridor if anybody told her?
Did she scream? I wonder if anybody heard her
As I drive by the church sign that reads, “abortion is murder”

This is my attempt at a Blues Sonnet. National Poetry Month 2017. Day 12, Poem 10. It is was inspired by the Bible passage, Numbers 5:11-31.