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Playlist for the Apocalypse: 05 The Numbers

You are dust
And to dust you shall return

True enough! That’s evident. But what if there doesn’t have to be enmity between men and women, their children, each other and nature? What Would happen if we lived like this was our home? What would happen if we all stopped living like our cosmic destruction was inevitable? What of our personal failures? I’m not talking about our blemishes or imperfections, but those relay ugly parts of ourselves that most of us don’t like and try to hide. What if we stopped living like we were powerless against those things? I still believe that we could fly, if we would only open our eyes to see. But our feet stay planted firmly on the concrete that paves the way to the fulfillment of our most shallow dreams and desires.

I hope you enjoy today’s Apocalyptic Playlist track. Radiohead is one of my favorite bands. Even if you’re not a fan (I know they can be an acquired taste), I hope you’ll give this song a listen. What would happen if millions of people started living like we are all of the earth, like will all return to her, and took life one day at a time? What if we didn’t worry about the various “afterlives” that preoccupy a lot of our time? It would seem to me that waiting for the earth to go up in flames, or someone or something to save us is just as meaningless as trying to amass the most wealth, status or a reputation that would give us a form of immortality by protecting our legacy. What if we saw ourselves as the cosmic specs we are? Would that lend itself to hedonism? Or would that lead us to greater humanitarianism, better care of each other and our planet?

“It holds us like a phantom
The touch is like a breeze
It shines its understanding
See the moon smiling
Open on all channels
Ready to receive
And we’re not at the mercy
Of your shimmers or spells
Your shimmers or spells
We are of the earth
To her we do return
The future is inside us
It’s not somewhere else
It’s not somewhere else
It’s not somewhere else
One day at a time
We call upon the people
People have this power
The numbers don’t decide
Your system is a lie
The river running dry
The wings of a butterfly
And you may pour us away like soup
Like we’re pretty broken flowers
We’ll take back what is ours
Take back what is ours
One day at a time”


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To Forgive

I forgive you for hating me
I forgive you for having harder stares
Than my dad when I ate second and third
Helpings of sweet, buttery confections
I forgive you for saying worse,
Much, much worse
Than any underclassman
Who bullied or shamed me
In grade school
I forgive you for forcing me
To go to reparative therapy
Where a charlatan with a BS in Bible
Posed as a shrink
Eager to hear my confessions
Always asking me
To shut the door when I leave
I forgive you
For pushing me down
For never giving me any grace
When I legitimately and gracelessly fell
On my face
Like that night outside of Rumors
When I never should have drove home
I forgive you for living dangerously
For always telling me
That my soul was in danger
Until body, mind and whole self was there
I forgive you for a lifetime
Of sucking the life from me
And cutting all of my lifelines
I forgive you for pushing others away
With the same magnitude, used
To force me to my knees to pray
I forgive you for hating me
Without reason
Naked, weaving
In and out of rhyme,
And I’ll look you in the eye
And tell you to your face
Next time
I catch your eye
And your hard stare
From the corner of the mirror